I have run across many great videos on ADHD. I will keep adding them here for everyone. If you know of an ADHD or Learning Disabilities video we should share here, please email us a link at

Living with ADHD, by Edge Foundation

This video, from Edge Foundation Executive Director, Robert Tudisco, contains an analogy comparing ADHD to landing an airplane that is simply brilliant. He gives us a glimpse of how some behaviors that appear willful are indeed due to ADHD. And he knows first-hand — he has ADHD himself. If you watch only one video here, this is the one to watch.


ADD INATTENTIVE, a video essay

This is a beautiful video essay by Jessie Codling providing a glimpse into the world of an ADD (Inattentive Type) child. Very well done. Simple. Moving.

Jessie’s description: This short movie is to raise awareness of ADD-I in a less comedic way but so that it was still light-hearted. Instead of being very literal with the symptoms of this disorder I tried to represent them in a metaphorical way.

I kept the symptoms quite obvious at the beginning with the pen fiddling and feet tapping as this is the shot of the boy in the ?real world? and when he starts to daydream, you are seeing how his brain works. It is an inconsistent clip to show that the brain of a person with ADD-I is very cluttered sometimes and yet it can also be blurred and zoned out at other times. The wall represents the concentration barrier which ?normal? people would be able to climb up to to the top of because they have the mental ability to do so but this character cannot and becomes angry and stressed out due to his ADD. The field is supposed to resemble him zoning out and losing himself in his own ?ADD world? which is where he goes running to after he becomes to worked up about the wall.There are also little additions to the film that I have added which I won?t be mentioning but if you pick up on them as symbolizing ADD symptoms then let me know what you have discovered.


How to Help Children w/ADHD Become More Organized



George’s Story: ADHD and Creativity

George is a 9 year-old who loves exercising his creativity by playing guitar and building model cities. He’s also been diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome.
©Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. 2009

ADHD: Treatment

Dr. Edward Hallowell discuses the diagnosis and treatment of ADD and ADHD. ©Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. 2009

Living with ADHD: A day in the life

by Janssen-Cilag Ltd

What is it like to be a child living with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? (visit

This new short film attempts to explain, by tackling some of the key issues surrounding ADHD from the perspective of a child with the condition.

It was made after talking to groups of doctors, patients, parents and teachers, who told us that too often people think ADHD is just an excuse for ‘badly behaved kids’. They also expressed concern about the way ADHD is reported in the media, where it is often treated frivolously or fundamentally misunderstood.

Celebrities with ADHD: Ty Pennington

The host of Extreme Home Makeover shares that he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 17 years old and that effective treatment of his ADHD really has transformed his life.

Helping Children with ADHD with LearningRx

Ben Glenn, The Simple ADHD Expert

ADHD Video Collection on WebMD

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