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  1. Bowncn says:

    hi erin,you are not alone. i know it feels like it. i am in the same boat. i feel no one wants to listen to it. i am a nurse and lost.  my 4 year old is the same. i just don’t know how to cope. i am so exhausted from all this. we go through assessments and speech and behaviour therapy. he hits others, runs all day, has sensory issues. the daycare tells me to stop worrying he’ll be fine. he only a kid. i’ve known for ages that he had this. i want him to be able to go to school and succeed and also make friends. i don’t evensleep any more, worrying about it all the time.

    • Katharine says:

       Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that.  I actually just read what I wrote back
      in November and welled up with tears.  But, on a positive note, let me
      give you an update.  We went to a child psychiatrist, and he indeed was
      diagnosed ADHD.  She that the criteria has to be effecting at least two
      of these; classroom, home, playground, community & friendships.  It
      was horribly effecting every single one for him.  Long story short, he
      was prescribed a low dose of Metadate (10mg) and over night he became a
      new boy!  Not a zombie, still the same kid, but the impulsive/hyper
      behaviors are GONE!  He seems so much happier as well, because he is
      getting positive feedback at school, home, making new friends, etc.  I
      am so happy we did this.  The doctor told me that many kids, as extreme
      as him, end up with
      substance abuse problems later because they’ve had a lifetime of failing
      at making friends, bad grades, bad reputation as being “the problem”
      that follows him from grade to grade…and eventually they don’t care
      anymore.  That really scared us.

      Anyhow, I hope this gives you
      some hope.  Your little guy is still pretty young, not sure what they do
      in that situation.  But, go with your gut, and get help if you think
      you need it….it really paid off for us.

  2. Dallasmom says:

    My child is ADHD. He’s 14 and takes Adderoll daily. Choosing to put a child on medication is an extremely tough decision. I certainly understand where you are coming from. I still wrestle with that today. However, I echo what Katharine said. ADHD kids struggle socially and academically because they can’t control their impulsivity. It’s really the lesser of two evils. Children need to experience successes every day. If medicating my child means he’ll be able to focus more in the classroom, get better grades and make friends, then I have to trust in the medical profession.

  3. Tracy says:

    Hi all. We are new to the ADHD world, as our daughter (8 years old, 3rd grade) was just diagnosed in November (hyperactive subtype). We have been trying therapy and behavior modifications with little success. We are now at the point where we need to decide about medicating. Her doctor would like to put her on the lowest dose of Ritalin LA on school days only (not on weekends, vacations or over the summer) to help her focus. While hesitant about it, I am willing to try this to help my daughter succeed in school. My husband, on the other hand, is very against it and I don’t know how to convince him it’s worth a shot. Any ideas/advice/suggestions?


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