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Fork in Road

A Career on Hold

I am 37, and I just got my K-6 teaching certificate in the state of North Carolina. A lot of people wonder why I am just starting out as a new teacher when I am in my late 30’s. It […]

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Your child is diagnosed as what???

I am not a perfect teacher. I know I write as if I were, but the truth is...there was a kid I missed. He was quiet, obedient, and More...

Teacher at Chalkboard

What a difference the {right} teacher makes.

It's no secret this has been the worst school year for Luke. The worst. Nope, I take that back. The second worst. I think Kindergarten still holds the More...


Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh My!

Sweaty palms, dry mouth, nervousness in the pit of your stomach. It's not only the feelings you feel when walking into an IEP meeting, but what your 9 More...


Guest Post: Adding to the IEP or 504

An IEP or a 504 plan is designed to help the student with ADHD function more effectively and easily in school. Most students with special needs respond positively More...

school desks by flickr user alamosbasement

School days, school days…why I love my son’s non-inclusive classroom

Today’s post was going to be about why I think inclusive classrooms are a bad idea for many kids with ADHD or other brain-based disabilities that impact behavior, More...


Interim School Reports…says who?

Interim Reports are reports that you, the parent, receive which inform you of your child's progress on making and meeting their IEP goals. Many reports show things like this: P, More...


Classroom Strategies Series from My Attention Coach: #4 Involve the Student

Self-Advocating Skills I know that advocating is very familiar to parents of students with ADHD and other challenges around learning. I also encourage teachers, school social workers and school More...

Whisperphone Duet

GIVEAWAY: Telephones That Tackle Reading and Social Skills

WHY: Sigh...studies show about HALF of children with ADHD present with a reading disability. Click here for full Pediatrics article WHAT: Whisperphone Duet DOES: choral reading is engaging and helps you remember what you've read; helps you More...

Bow of Sailboat at Sea

ADHD has us in irons, but I’m still fighting to turn around and find our tail wind.

I learned an interesting sailing term recently -- "in irons." When you are in irons, you are sailing against the wind so directly that the boat stalls and More...

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