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Spelling Homework and Other Epiphanies

I had been in the scenario a million times before.  Marco and I were practicing his spelling words (or math or fill in the blank with whatever homework nightmare is most fitting on any given day) and it wasn’t going […]

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So we let our ADHD teen fail. NOW WHAT??

  Last we checked on my ADHD/Aspie son “Clark Kent,” he was living up to his nickname in spectacular fashion while stubbornly clinging to the belief that he was More...

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Guest blog: A Letter to My Son’s Teacher

  Dear Teacher, I have a huge amount of appreciation by what you do. Besides being a parent, there is no other job more important or more challenging. The district More...


Homeschooling & ADHD/Other Special Needs : What Type of Homeschooling Works Best?

If you’re reading this you’re either curious about homeschooling because you think it will help your child, actively homeschooling and looking for tips, or Googling in desperation because More...


Homeschooling your child with ADHD or other special needs: myths and realities

Compared to many people, I haven’t been homeschooling very long. J, my 10-year old with ADHD, learning disabilities, audio processing difficulties, developmental delays, poor short term memory, and More...

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What a difference the {right} teacher makes.

It's no secret this has been the worst school year for Luke. The worst. Nope, I take that back. The second worst. I think Kindergarten still holds the More...

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How do we know good choices from bad when parenting a child with ADHD?

  I live in search mode these days, ever since my son Luke, age nine, was diagnosed with ADHD in 2008. I am searching for the medication, therapy, classroom More...

It's school time again. what are you most worried about for your child with ADHD?

It’s school time again. what are you most worried about for your child with ADHD?

August is not my favorite month. In fact, it's probably my least favorite. It's hot. It's muggy. And it's the start of a new school year. Oh, the More...

The ADHD Islands

The ADHD Islands

I have been thinking a lot about the isolation that seems to come along for families who are struggling with ADHD’s presence in their lives. Sometimes the isolation More...


ADHD and Hope

Hope is an interesting concept. Webster's defines hope as: (noun) the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. For many, More...

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