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Similarities outweigh the differences when it comes to parenting a child with ADHD

Children with ADHD are unique creatures. Not just different from their peers, but different from other children with ADHD as well. The disorder affects each individual who has it in a unique constellation of ways. For instance, my son, Ricochet, has […]

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A chance for kids with ADHD and LDs to experience sameness!

This sign is posted by the road as you drive into Camp SOAR. Brought a tear to my eyes. Have you ever wished that your special needs child could More...

Happy Mama Conference & Retreat: Be surrounded by moms who understand your parenting experience

Are you a stressed-out, overwhelmed, overworked, tired and under-nurtured mother of a child with ADHD, ADD, OCD, SPD, PBD, FASD, Autism, PDD, or any number of other brain-based More...

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