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A chance for kids with ADHD and LDs to experience sameness!

This sign is posted by the road as you drive into Camp SOAR. Brought a tear to my eyes. Have you ever wished that your special needs child could live in an environment full of people who totally understands their […]

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Queen of Spades

Being the Queen of Spades and Parenting a Child with ADHD

One of our family's favorite card games is Hearts. I learned this game from my dad when I was a little girl. After every holiday dinner, generations of More...


Kids with ADHD are Hungry for Praise: Let’s Feed Their Need

If you've visited the Easy to Love but Hard to Raise blog or Facebook page lately, you may have seen the announcement that books 2 and 3 in the “Easy to Love” More...

Frank - Young Cook

The Song of the ADHD Househusband

Beep beep BEEEEP - 4:30 AM Out of bed, half-awake at most Hit the shower, hit the kitchen, Make coffee, oatmeal, eggs and toast Wife to work, out the door in rain, I get daughter More...


{a mom’s view of} heartache: the day my child with {adhd} refused to go to school

One day last week I received a series of texts from my daughter Natalie’s special education teacher. Nat wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t have a fever, but she More...

Back-to-School with ADHD

Back-to-School with ADHD

My daughter, Natalie, started fifth grade last week. Thankfully, she’s settling in quickly—much better than she has in the past—as you’ll see when you read the post below, More...

Book Review: "The Shiny Little Pebble"

Book Review: “The Shiny Little Pebble”

Today's book review is a bit different. This isn't a scholarly manuscript or a memoir about ADHD or Sensory Issues or Learning Disabilities -- this is a children's More...

School's Out, What Will I Worry About Now?

School’s Out, What Will I Worry About Now?

Luke looks how I've been feeling lately, very rough around the edges. I did get him a haircut a couple days after I saw this pic! The anticipation of school being More...

ADHD and Skin Picking {darn that bloody anxiety!}

ADHD and Skin Picking {darn that bloody anxiety!}

My daughter Natalie, who has ADHD, buzzed with anxiety this morning. She woke up at 5:30. She was too nervous to eat. And she picked and squeezed and More...


4 Ways To Stop Anxiety Before It Starts

Anxiety. It's a big, vague concept that's, unfortunately, a highly common side kick to ADHD -- though it often flies under the radar. I like to define anxiety More...

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