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IEP Meeting

The Other Side of the Table

Before becoming a parent, I was a teacher and administrator for many years. During that time I taught everything from kindergarten to fifth grade.  I worked with various socioeconomic levels and students of various needs, abilities and disabilities.  I taught […]

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Fork in Road

A Career on Hold

I am 37, and I just got my K-6 teaching certificate in the state of North Carolina. A lot of people wonder why I am just starting out More...


Guest Post: Adding to the IEP or 504

An IEP or a 504 plan is designed to help the student with ADHD function more effectively and easily in school. Most students with special needs respond positively More...


Classroom Strategies Series from My Attention Coach: #4 Involve the Student

Self-Advocating Skills I know that advocating is very familiar to parents of students with ADHD and other challenges around learning. I also encourage teachers, school social workers and school More...

Light Switch Off

Classroom Strategies Series from My Attention Coach: #3 Lighting

Lighting: Can it impact your students? I believe it can help all students of all ages to consider the distraction of the bright fluorescent light. There is some research More...

Does your child with ADHD need accommodations in the classroom to be successful in the school environment?

Does your child with ADHD need accommodations in the classroom to be successful in the school environment?

Does your child with ADHD need accommodations in the classroom to be successful in the school environment?  Then he/she may be eligible for a 504 Plan. If your child already has a More...


Supports for ADHD in the Schools

Guest Post By: Erin N. King, Ed.S, Nationally Certified School Psychologist  and Parents of children with ADHD are often faced with the frustration of seeing their child struggle More...


educate the teacher about ADHD: top 10 articles to have them read

My biggest fear at the start of any school year is whether or not my ADHD child's mainstream classroom teacher will understand him and his differences. As we More...


“Handwriting Problem Solutions” gathers all solutions for kids with written output disorders in one place

One of our readers recently posted on our Facebook page about a book she had discovered called Handwriting Problem Solutions with a link to their website. Of course, More...


my first D… speechless.

I was an A/B student growing up. {I'm not bragging but you need to know where I'm coming from before you read what I'm about to tell you.} More...

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